Hi, I’m Bobby 

Senior digital marketing and
technology specialist

Hi, I’m Bobby

Senior digital marketing and
technology specialist

I’m a seasoned professional with a passion for technology, digital marketing, and the dynamic landscape of China.

Explore my world of expertise and join me on a journey of growth and innovation.


The University Years (1999-2003) – Building the Foundation

My journey commenced at the University of Melbourne in 1999, where I immersed myself in the world of technology and computer science. This academic foundation laid the groundwork for my future accomplishments, equipping me with skills in programming, project management, and software development.

Early Career Ventures (2003-2006) – Pioneering in Australia

Fresh out of university in 2003, I stepped into the professional world. My early career was marked by significant contributions to Ehyou.com, where I played a pivotal role in developing and maintaining the MP3.com online music platform. It was during this time that digital music was revolutionized, allowing sharing, listening, and monetization like never before. Simultaneously, I joined ALADN, where I honed my programming skills and took on projects such as creating an e-Commerce platform for the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry Australia.

Hong Kong Adventures (2006-2010) – Innovating Efficiency

From 2006 to 2010, my journey in Hong Kong saw me as a solution provider for various organizations. I led teams in delivering innovative solutions that transformed operational workflows.

At Hutchison Whampoa Property and Hotel Group (HWPHG), I played a pivotal role in developing the pioneering eLeave System, revolutionizing staff leave management.

With the Hong Kong Logistics Department, I led digital transformation efforts, enhancing efficiency through digitalization.

At HKEX (Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited), I contributed significantly by implementing an efficient Content Management System (CMS), streamlining content processes.

Expanding Skills in Digital Marketing (2010-2014) – Mastering Strategy, Planning, and Execution

In the year 2010, I embarked on a transformative phase of my career, broadening my horizons as I delved into the realm of full-service digital marketing. Collaborating with esteemed organizations such as Tribal DDB and Digitas, I led comprehensive digital marketing campaigns and promotions for renowned brands like Vita Lemon Tea, Lipton, vTech, Moet Hennessy, P&G, Lenovo, Richemont and more. My expertise grew far beyond website development; I immersed myself in understanding digital marketing, crafting effective strategies, meticulous planning, and leading their successful execution.

China Digital and Social Marketing (2014-2019) – Venturing into New Territory

In 2014, I ventured into China’s dynamic digital and social marketing landscape, where I provided services to luxury brands such as Versace, Loewe, D&G, Ralph Lauren, Balenciaga, Shiseido and Burberry. This journey deepened my expertise, encompassing strategy development, content planning, campaign management, eStore operations, and collaboration with key opinion leaders (KOLs).

By 2017, my China journey extended to K11 China. Here, I played a central role in digital operations, sales, CRM, and membership campaigns. I also contributed to the launch of the first AI Art/Avatar, marking a pivotal chapter in my career.

These experiences in China not only expanded my horizons but also honed my skills in navigating a rapidly evolving market. It was a transformative period that enhanced my digital marketing expertise and adaptability, ultimately contributing to my growth as a professional in the field.

APAC Market Leadership (2019-Present) – Leading Digital Transformation

Today, I continue to lead digital transformation efforts across APAC markets. My role at Jardines Restaurant Group, with its extensive network of restaurants in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Myanmar, encompasses MarTech, sales, CRM, channel optimization, process reengineering, and more. This chapter represents the culmination of my journey, where I apply decades of experience to drive growth and innovation in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


Throughout my journey, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse array of esteemed clients, each presenting unique challenges and opportunities to enhance, improve, and elevate their businesses for growth and success.

Some Highlighted Works

Strategic Initiatives Driving Brand Growth in China


As the leader of a consulting/service team, I spearheaded a strategic transformation at UCC Coffee (China), driving their transition from a B2B to a B2C business model. I led the team in implementing an eShop and CRM platform to enable direct customer engagement, creating engaging social content, and negotiating strategic partnerships to boost O2O marketing and sales efforts. My leadership extended to eShop and membership management, encompassing strategy development, campaign execution, and tactics aimed at optimizing membership engagement and sales, including refining the product mix and introducing new offerings. Simultaneously, I guided and ensured operational efficiency and completion, overseeing order processing, refunds, shipping, customer service, and post-sales assistance, ensuring a seamless end-to-end service for both online and offline channels.

Elevating Brand Awareness and Sales in China


As a leader, I strategized and planned holistic social initiatives to strengthen brand awareness, CRM, and stimulate sales. I guided the team in generating compelling social content, aligning with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), executing seasonal and O2O campaigns, membership management, launching and maintaining of eShops to boost customer engagement and drive sales.

Revolutionizing Art Appreciation: Shanghai K11’s Personal AI Art Docent Experience (2018)


At the Shanghai K11 Art Mall, I led the introduction of the first-ever Personal AI (PAI) art docent experience. This innovative AI concierge, modeled after K11 Founder Adrian Cheng, guided visitors through the K11 Art Museum’s dual exhibit featuring American ceramic artist Betty Woodman and Chinese painter Zhao Yang. Cheng emphasized that this experience blended art and technology in a unique way, fostering deeper connections between visitors, curatorial expression, and artists. The PAI concierge provided customized information about the artworks and artists through smart devices, enhancing visitor engagement.

Ginza Tokyo’s Cherry Blossom Delight: Shiseido’s Interactive Promotion (2019)


Embracing the theme “Cherry Blossom in Ginza Tokyo,” which harmonized with Shiseido’s latest product line, “White Lucent,” users were given the unique opportunity to personalize cherry blossom-shaped luggage tags by laser-printing their names, creating cherished mementos. To enrich the experience, an interactive kiosk was deployed, enabling users to capture animated GIFs set against the backdrop of a Tokyo street adorned with sakura blossoms. Users could easily obtain these GIFs by scanning a QR code, and the first frame of the GIF could be printed as a photo.

Wine and Asian Cuisine Pairing App (2011)

Moët Hennessy

In 2011, Moët Hennessy launched the “Flavours Asia” iPad app, aimed at pairing wine with Asian cuisine from various restaurants across multiple countries. The app featured engaging content such as sommelier profiles, restaurant reviews, and wine trends, presented with stunning visuals and easy navigation. Users could explore wine pairings based on wine color, country, grapes, tastes, and awards. They could also discover food pairings with dishes from 12 Asian countries, categorized by ingredients and flavors. The app provided detailed information on wines, recommended dishes, tasting notes, vineyards, and reviews. Additionally, a map feature displayed the locations of participating restaurants and wine outlets. Overall, “Flavours Asia” enhanced the experience of pairing wine with Asian food and was a valuable resource for wine enthusiasts and food lovers.

Engaging Brand Guidelines Transformation (2010)


IIn 2010, Lipton collaborated with DDB Hong Kong to tackle the issue of low engagement with their brand guidelines. They introduced an innovative approach by sending metal suitcases to Lipton brand managers in Asia Pacific, containing cash and iPod Touch devices with the ‘Lipton Millionaire’ app. This interactive app gamified the learning of brand guidelines and allowed brand managers to compete for virtual sales to win a million dollars. The guidelines were presented in an engaging, interactive format with embedded videos and audio. This unique initiative not only increased knowledge of the Lipton brand but also transformed the way brand guidelines were perceived and used.

Vitasoy’s “Momentee” Campaign (2010)


In 2010, Vitasoy, a popular Hong Kong soymilk brand, launched the ‘MomenTee’ campaign, featuring 48 cute cartoon icons symbolizing various life moments. The campaign’s slogan, “Stand by you. Every moment,” was mainly promoted through Facebook and included T-shirt giveaways based on public voting for favorite icons. Vitasoy also collaborated with Milk magazine and organized a riddle contest on Facebook to engage the audience and drive product usage. The campaign creatively used wordplay to create a relaxed and fun brand image.As a leader, I strategized and planned social initiatives to strengthen brand awareness, product awareness, and stimulate sales. I guided the team in generating compelling social content, aligning with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), executing seasonal and O2O campaigns, and launching eShops to boost customer engagement and drive sales.


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